It is with heavy heart , that we humbly request your prayers for our Friday Run Leader – Ahmad Zakir Jaafar who is now in a serious condition after being involved in an accident.

Your prayers insyaallah will ease his pain and increase his chance to be on the road of recovery sooner.

We pray that he will stay strong and positive and we will indeed going to miss his Friday runs which will be taken over by some of us. Our hearts go to you Zakir… semoga Allah melindungi dan mengasihani beliau. Ameen Yarabbil Alamin.

They struggle daily yet their focus and prayers are for others

Taken during 2012 Reach Out Raya Eid Mubarak Celebration with the homeless and poor in KL

We had our Reach Out Raya Eid Mubarak Celebration with the homeless and the poor in the city of KL several days ago. Everyone had a good time and lots of people donated lots of food and goodies. We would like to thank those who made the event happened and those who had a hand for the items & foods given out to the poor and homeless.

I was there at the event but my get together with the poor & homeless friends was something else. I had the opportunity of meeting those dear to me over the years I have been doing food distribution runs. Veronica, Tashna with her grandmother. They are not homeless but they are within the category of those living below poverty line in KL. They have been queuing for food packs and drinks during our food distribution runs since 2008

These are similar stories of two ladies both of their struggles & prayers to raise their loved ones.

Tashna is 8 years old. She is in her standard 2 in her primary school. She is bright and full of spirit child. I have known Tashna and her grandmother since Tashna was 5 years old. I still remember the early days when both of them would walked for miles to get free food. Both of them are living in a rented DBKL apartment, rental of $500 per month. Her grandmother has odd jobs and been taking care of Tashna since birth. She is the only one to care for Tashna, send Tashna to school and to ensure Tashna has food daily. There has been many occasions when her grandmother has approached us for donations to buy school books & items for Tashna espcially beginning of school year. We even followed them to Tashna’s house and school to ensure books are bought. The grandma’s story is about the story of living on daily basis and ensuring Tashna will be a person who we all will be proud of one day. I know the grandmother will do anything possible, anything that is morally right, within her capacity to ensure that Tashna is alright.

Also during the Reach Out Raya Eid Mubarak Celebration, Veronica told me how proud she is of her grown up children. I knew for several years that she has children of her own. Though heart wrenching I had heard several times before this when she told me her sons didn’t care for her and left her on her own. In order to survive she has been collecting empty cans from dustbins. Little did I know when she confessed to me that day she has been praying for her children all these years despite the mistreatment her children gave her. She never gave up raising her children even though the only she had were prayers for them. Nowadays she gets some money from her children to survive. I asked her why still collecting the cans. What she gets from collecting she will donate to the disabled beggars on the street of KL. She said to me “never stop praying Zakir”, after she only discovered of my recent divorced. “God will always be there for you” she added. Veronica is a story of how she survived throughout the years knowing her prayers are the only thing she can offer to raise her children. She was beaming with pride when she told me how her children have turned out despite of her years of picking cans on the street of KL.

Veronica and Tashna’s grandmother have similar stories. Two ladies both of their struggles & prayers to raise their loved ones. Both with big hearts.

Hari raya celebration!!


There will be no frills, no fancy hall, no status symbol, no red carpet! – but just a plain street Raya Party between our volunteers and streets friends! We will not differentiate anyone in anyway simply because we cant afford to! No racial and no religious barriers! Please do not tell us which political party you come from!

Where? At our normal corner at ‘Bus Stand Klang’ – opposite of Central Market, KL (under the the LRT station) .

We are giving a treat of Raya Buffet to our street friends and Volunteers are most welcome to join in!

Do join in the fun and please feel free to bring goodies, kuih, cookies etc to make the event a joyful one!

WE HAVE NOTHING MUCH TO OFFER BUT WE PROMISE YOU PLENTY OF KINDNESS AND FRIENDSHIP – It is not difficult to please the homeless and Reach Out Malaysia. Just share your smile !

for more information, join our group page on fb at

Reach Out Malaysia

Reach Out Who & Why – The Story So Far.
by Peter Nicoll

In 2005 Pete Nicoll set up a programme within a Buddhist Organisation to feed the poor on the streets of KL. Why? Because it had to be done. The poor were neglected and hungry.
The idea was to have this organization open to all races, religions and gender.
Feexa Nicoll was the first Muslim volunteer in this organization and with her came many friends to the cause.

However, Pete and co founders Maple Keh and Bob Teasdale discovered a possible missallocation of funds donated for feeding the homeless being distributed to the Buddhist Society and not to the Soup Kitchen by other members of the organisation and immediately resigned.
The following day Pete, Bob, Feexa and Maple, bought food and water and continued on their own under an organization called Lotus Planet.

With help from friends food sponsorship and street volunteers increased so that from an original 80 packets of food being delivered only on a Saturday, they managed to operate three days a week and delivered over 400 packets to those in need.
Lotus Planet packed the food on the streets, (in the car park outside the SEC, on the pavement outside Bangkok Bank, outside a bookshop near to Petaling Street), and in all weathers. When it rained they packed inside their cars.

Bob resigned due to business commitments and the organization was renamed Reach Org Sdn Bhd with a Board of Directors as required under the ROC of Malaysia.
The work continued and Reach Org expanded to operate a collaboration with Garden International School for a Street Feeding Programme and Education Programme for underprivileged kids and with SHEB, the social wing of Pemuda UMNO. Reach Org also established the White Ribbon Malaysia campaign and conducted CSR programmes on behalf of corporate bodies linked to its Street Feeding Programme.

Reach Org also worked extensively with various Government Ministries and departments to raise awareness of the plight of the poor.
In 2010 Reach Org applied to become a registered Charitable Society and NGO and this was granted. Reach Out Malaysia was born.
Reach Out apart from Street Feeding Programmes, White Ribbon, Education Programmes and Awareness Campaigns established an Emergency Response Team which works in areas of natural disaster in Malaysia. It has also recently launched FUR (Feline Urban Rescue).
Since early 2012 Reach Out commenced its humanitarian effort in Klang. We operate Monday to Friday inclusive in both Klang and Port Klang and currently distribute just over 200 packs of food each week.

From its inception Reach Out has been totally voluntary.
It has no premises, offices, or overheads, and all food, medicines and clothes distributed is through sponsorship.
On average Reach Out currently distributes over 2,500 packets of hot and dry food, drinks, and clothes, toiletries and medicines each week and is on the streets every day of the week.
Reach Out has never missed an operating day since its inception.
In 2011 Reach Out managed to reintegrate 402 urban poor into employment by working with the corporate sector in Malaysia.
The current Committee is as follows:
Peter Nicoll – President
Maple Keh – Vice President
Feexa Nicoll – Committee and Sponsorship
Ahmad Zakir Jafar – Committee and Volunteers
Jenny Wong – Committee and Legal/Secretarial
Tiki Keh – Committee.

Our Current Run Leaders are as follows:
Sundays – Hafriz
Monday – Hasif
Tuesday – Mustaquim
Wednesday – Mustaquim
Thursday – No Operations Currently (KL)
Friday – 5.00pm (Garden International School)
– 11.00pm A. Zakir Jaffar
Saturday- 1st Run 5.30pm Bus Stand Klang – Pete Nicoll
2nd Run 11.45pm Midnight Run – Pete Nicoll.
Klang Operations – Melvin Lim (Mon to Fri Inclusive). Meeting in Klang at 10.45pm
Special Projects Run Leader- Mohd Zaidy.
Run Leaders are also supported by Co Ordinators who are:
Danial Arif
Nurul Aishkin
Jennifer Chua
Ian Hadi

Currently Reach Out donates any excess sponsored goods that cannot be given on the street to a number of orphanages, and also works with other likeminded NGO’s in the fight to adicate poverty.

Reach Out acts as a conduit for those on the street to make contact with organizations who specialize in particular needs of those on the street, (women, children, the disabled, HIV victims, etc).
Reach Out is clear in its vision and mission, to raise awareness of the issue of poverty and to take steps to eradicate such through its programmes and campaigns.
Only through its volunteers and steering committee can we bring dignity back to the forgotten who inhabit the streets and doorways of Kuala Lumpur.

The mission is to eradicate all poverty in Malaysia state by state and city by city.
Reach Out is considered to be ‘The Frontline in the Fight To Eradicate Poverty’.

Ramadhan schedule

Reach Out would like to wish all of our Muslim volunteers, sponsors and supporters Ramadan Mubarak. May Allah (SWT) bless your Ramadan and accept your fasts.
As the Holy Month of Ramadhan is soon to be with us we need to make some minor adjustments to our programmes.

For our 1st Run on Saturday we will now meet at 5.30pm instead of 5pm and commence food distribution at 6 to 6.15pm.

That will ensure that all of our street friends will have food ready for breaking fast.
All other runs will remain unchanged although some stops may need adjustment as we have many groups on the street distributing food. In order not to oversupply and see food wasted we will ensure areas that we know are not normally serviced by these groups will be taken care of.
Some advice has already been given to our Run Leaders on this and they will use their discretion to ensure our food continues to get to those in need.