Reach Out Info (07/09/11) #2

Salam and Greetings dearies, more and more volunteers are joining REACH OUT’s frontline for the distribution of food for our street friends. We are grateful for the big responds and interests from all of you our precious volunteers.
Part of our objectives is also to infect compassion, commitment and empowerment to everyone who participates. In order for us to do this effectively, we would like to request any groups (be it colleges or corporate companies) – which consist more than 5 members and more to kindly register and inform me,( Feexa Nicoll ) for smoother activities/operations.
For a much bigger group who wish to participate in the full operation, we will assign a day which is suitable/available. Pete will come up with official guidelines soon . We are so thankful for your kind intention that we would like you to experience the best. tq:)

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About reachoutmalaysia

Reach Out was formed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in April, 2008. The organizations volunteers have established their unique vision to deliver this humanitarian need, incorporating its fundamental core principle, that volunteers of all races and religious partake in assisting those who at this time can not assist themselves.

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