Reach Out Malaysia at #OctTwtFest

Thanks to all members of the Shah Alam Gang( Naddy Razman, Syamim Rosli, SafwanAsyad Kobo, Nurul Ashikin, Zakuwan Awang, Mohd Zaidy & Farhan) who had worked hard from start. They had to skip breakfast, lunch, tea time & dinner yesterday just to ensure the success of OctTwtFest.

Thanks also to Pete Nicoll, Kak Feexa, Kak Liza, Ping ping & Naomi who came to help us yesterday. 200 limited edition tweethandle badge, 222 yummylicious cupcakes & 99 cream puffs were sold very quickly. Many were disappointed that we had received orders to make the badge. We are tired but came home with a smile because our main aim has been successful. Salute!

Thanks to all who involves/came and support us in this event!

for more picture please click HERE

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About reachoutmalaysia

Reach Out was formed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in April, 2008. The organizations volunteers have established their unique vision to deliver this humanitarian need, incorporating its fundamental core principle, that volunteers of all races and religious partake in assisting those who at this time can not assist themselves.

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