Reach Out | From the Ground event!

It will be two days of fun filled activities of performances, games and of course various food stalls ! Please support them and join their event! Details are:

Name of Event : “From the Ground” – (cool name eh? Sound like a rock concert )
Date : 23 and 24th November 2011
Time: 10 – 3 pm
Venue: University Sunway, Petaling Jaya (Near Monash University)

Reach Out will have an information booth (On Wednesday from 10am to 3 pm) to spread awareness on our works and projects – Our dedicated Run Leader Hasif hp : 0172297159 and his crew will be incharged of the booth on Wednesday ! Run Leader Zakir Jaafar will be there from 1pm to 3pm to give short briefing and presentation for those who come and visit our ‘Info booth’. We would appreciate it if you guys can join in the fun and give a hand or two to Hasif tomorrow!!

Please also kindly support these wonderful students by visiting their stalls etc so they will be able to reach their target to accumulate as much fund as possible to help our homeless friends !! Thank you Sunway University and the SHTLM MICE students
For more info on the event , please contact Nelson at 0162378866

Our Structure

As we have had a number of new volunteers working with us I felt it appropriate to let everyone know of the structure of our NGO.

Reach Out is a registered Charitable Society and NGO under the Registrar of Societies here in Malaysia.

The full registration details are:
Persatuan Amal Mencapai Harapan – Selangor dan Wilayah Persekutuan (Reach Out Charitable Society, Selangor and Federal Territories).
Our ROS Borang 3 No.’s are: PPM WKL1705/10 and PPP WKL0166/10.

Our Committee is as follows:
Peter Nicoll – President
Maple Cheow – Vice President
Jenny Wong – Secretary/Legal, Asst. Treasurer
Feexa Nicoll – Asst Treasurer, Sponsorship, Internal PR
A Zakir Jaafar – Volunteers, IT.
Tiki Keh – Committee Member

The Street Feeding Programme Run Leaders are as follows;

In addition, Reach Out operates the following:

White Ribbon Malaysia
Administartors – Feexa Nicoll/Pete Nicoll.

Reach Out Education Programme
Programme Director – Peter Nicoll
Administrator – Vacant
GIS Liason – Rhian Adlam

Centre For The Eradication of Poverty
Administrator – Peter Nicoll

Reach Out Emergency Response Team (ERT)
Unit Director – Peter Nicoll

All Programmes report directly to the main committee. In addition there is an Operating Group comprising of Peter, Feexa, Zakir and Jenny who review operations and recommend changes in line with the organisations focus and vision to the main ccommittee.

Reach Out’s Annual General Meeting is held each November and all registered members are invited to attend.
Reach Outs Articles of Association are available

Reach Out & Bank Islam

Over the last three months Reach Out have been working with Bank Islam to facilitate sponsorship and CSR programmes from this major financial institution.

We are delighted to announce that the following has been agreed at a meeting today that I and Feexa attended on behalf of Reach Out:

1. Bank Islam will conduct an initial CSR programme with us on the 9th and 10th December 2011. Bank Islam will operate with us over the two days and they will provide 500 food packs as well as clothes, biscuits, and other goodies for our street friends.

2. On the 15th of each month, commencing in December 2011, Bank Islam will provide us with clothes, dry foods, packet drinks, medicines and other items that we can distribute for our street friends. This programme will operate for an initial 12 month period.

3. Bank Islam will provide oportunities for our street friends to work with their team in such ventures as Mosque renovations, gardening projects, environmental projects. This is in line with an initiative launched by our Committee Member Zakir last week. The details and logistics have to be worked out but we hope to commence this project in January 2012. The project is an idea from our street friends who wish to show that they can contribute back to society.

4. Bank Islam will assist Reach Out by providing loans and deposit payments for our homeless friends who need such for housing. In some cases DBKL have granted housing but the street folks do not have the RM600 deposit reqiuired. Bank islam will now assist with this upon Reach Out recommendations.

5. Bank Islam will facilitate meetings between Reach Out and their internal Islamic Council in an effort to assist Reach Out with its vision for an Intervention Centre to provide the facilities to address the needs of the homeless/unemployed and get them reintegrated back into society.

We are deeply grateful to Bank islam for their commitment to Reach Out and our programmes for the eradication of poverty. With support from Bank Islam we believe that we can make a significant step forward in achieveing our aiam of the eradication of poverty.

I want to thank Feexa who has worked tirelessly in dealing with Bank Islam to make this happen.

5000 nasi lemak ayam campaign


I am so very proud today of what has been achieved.

I am so proud of Feexa whose idea this was and who managed this without pause during the last 14 days. And of Jenny who took on the daunting role of making sure every donation was given a receipt and ensuring complete transparency.

Proud of all of our friends at TwitterJaya who continued to tweet the campaign. And proud of all of our volunteers and run leaders who continued to ensure operations were maintained whilst we went about this campaign.

From all corners of Malaysia you the people came together. Malaysians for Malaysians.

And from Moscow to London. From Texas to Thailand. From Australia. Foreigners and Malaysians overseas. Those who know us. Those who do not. Those who have worked with us. Those who assist in other ways.

Children. Students. Teachers. Housewifes. Businessmen and Women. Doctors. Lawyers. Even cats!

From every race and every background and from every religion you came to the need of our street friends through Reach Out.

The giving and the trust that you have placed with us will never be forgotten. Neither will it ever be abused.

Those on the street are not in a position to thank you. They dont have access to laptops or phones. They dont have a voice except through us.

So on behalf of those that we serve, those that will now enjoy the food from your wonderful donations, thank you.

Thank you and bless you always for your trust in us and your compassion to those less fortunate.

Pete Nicoll (Pete At Cep)
President and Founder
Reach Out Malaysia.

Another 1000 nasi lemak ayam!!

We started this campaign on Day 1 with 1,000 packets donated for our homeless.
With 1 day left in our campaign and with just under 1000 packets short of our target lets dig deep and finish how we started. This is for those in need. Lets make 11.11.11 a day of history for Reach Out where we as a community came together to feed those in need.

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