OctTwtFest – Reach Out

Thanks to all members of the Shah Alam Gang( Naddy Razman, Syamim Rosli, SafwanAsyad Kobo, Nurul Ashikin, Zakuwan Awang, Mohd Zaidy & Farhan) who had worked hard from start. They had to skip breakfast, lunch, tea time & dinner yesterday just to ensure the success of OctTwtFest.

Thanks also to Pete Nicoll, Kak Feexa, Kak Liza, Ping ping & Naomi who came to help us yesterday. 200 limited edition tweethandle badge, 222 yummylicious cupcakes & 99 cream puffs were sold very quickly. Many were disappointed that we had received orders to make the badge. We are tired but came home with a smile because our main aim has been successful. Salute!

Thanks to all who involves/came and support us in this event!

for more picture please click HERE

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