ReachOut Facts:

● Reach Out is a true voluntary organisations
● Reach Out provides only Halal food.
● Reach Out serves over 1,200 people weekly in Kuala Lumpur.
● Reach Out does not discriminate on age, gender, race, religion or culture.
● Reach Out is open to all who wish to volunteer their time to serve those in need.
● Reach Out does not vett its volunteers for suitability.
● Reach Out has a strong mission & a clear ‘end game’ for the eradication of urban and rural poverty in Malaysia.
● Reach Out does not do charity. It does Inspiration.
● Reach Out was founded in 2008.
● Reach Out is a fully legally registered organisation in Malaysia.
● Reach Out packs all of the food for its street feeding programme.
● Reach Out does not have joining fees or monthly subscription fees.
● Reach Out has no affiliations to any religious or political body.