Our Structure

As we have had a number of new volunteers working with us I felt it appropriate to let everyone know of the structure of our NGO.

Reach Out is a registered Charitable Society and NGO under the Registrar of Societies here in Malaysia.

The full registration details are:
Persatuan Amal Mencapai Harapan – Selangor dan Wilayah Persekutuan (Reach Out Charitable Society, Selangor and Federal Territories).
Our ROS Borang 3 No.’s are: PPM WKL1705/10 and PPP WKL0166/10.

Our Committee is as follows:
Peter Nicoll – President
Maple Cheow – Vice President
Jenny Wong – Secretary/Legal, Asst. Treasurer
Feexa Nicoll – Asst Treasurer, Sponsorship, Internal PR
A Zakir Jaafar – Volunteers, IT.
Tiki Keh – Committee Member

The Street Feeding Programme Run Leaders are as follows;

In addition, Reach Out operates the following:

White Ribbon Malaysia
Administartors – Feexa Nicoll/Pete Nicoll.

Reach Out Education Programme
Programme Director – Peter Nicoll
Administrator – Vacant
GIS Liason – Rhian Adlam

Centre For The Eradication of Poverty
Administrator – Peter Nicoll

Reach Out Emergency Response Team (ERT)
Unit Director – Peter Nicoll

All Programmes report directly to the main committee. In addition there is an Operating Group comprising of Peter, Feexa, Zakir and Jenny who review operations and recommend changes in line with the organisations focus and vision to the main ccommittee.

Reach Out’s Annual General Meeting is held each November and all registered members are invited to attend.
Reach Outs Articles of Association are available

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