On average, for every weekdays there’s only 30 packs of food have been distributed. Due to this situation, we manage to distribute all this foods only at Masjid India area (overall quantity at this area are 20-30 people)

On Saturday we manage to get sponsored by individuals and also organizations and the quantity of the foods can reach to 400 packs! Thanks to all sponsors!

There are two ways you can join us: 1) Sponsor or Donate food, drinks and/or clothes 2) Become a Volunteer to Pickup Food and/or Volunteer to Distribute Food.

If you want to sponsor or you know people who want to donate in order to increase the quantity of the foods, clothes, blankets and etc. please contact Mrs Feexa or Mr Peter Nicoll


Thank you for your kind interest and intention. REACH OUT MALAYSIA is purely Non-Governmental Organization . As such, our food is purely from our sponsors and volunteers.At the moment 100 percent of money contributed is used to buy food or to assist the homeless and the urban poor if needed from time to time.We do not have any expenses, staff or rental to pay. Our storage space is generously contributed by Dato Mustapha and Peter Nicoll from Amcop Security at RCG Tower, Kota Damansara.

All of our Committee Members and Run Leaders are purely on Voluntary basis and are doing this alongside their full time jobs or businesses.For those of you who would like to contribute money for our Street Food Programme, the details are as follow:

For money transfer:
Money transfer to “REACH OUT CHARITABLE SOCIETY ”, PBB (PUBLIC BANK BERHAD) account number 3164860714

For Cheque/Draft:
Cheque/Draft payable to “REACH OUT CHARITABLE SOCIETY ” Please email your deposit /transfer slip / transaction code to: feexa09@gmail.com

Please notify Feexa Nicoll via email or her FB inbox once transaction is done. It is our practice to acknowledge and honor our donors and sponsors, please specify if we can announce your name or any other names you prefer if you do not want to be known. We would refer a ‘right away’ notification on the donation given as it is easier for us to determine on the amount or the kind of food to be prepared/ordered for that particular day/week.

You can also request for your receipt to be mailed to :

Name :
Address :

Thank you for your kindness:)


2 thoughts on “Volunteers/Donations

  1. How can I contribute cash,clothingetc if Am leaving out of KL/Selangor..Northern Region?
    Reachout only focus within KL region? What about other states?

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