Reach Out conducts its operations on the understanding that all volunteers must comply with a Code of Conduct whilst on the street.
We have developed these to ensure not only a meaningful experience for our volunteers, but also for the safety of those working with Reach Out, and that volunteers are not offended by behavior of others.
The code also explains the rules of engagement when working with our street friends to protect their dignity and has been developed by Reach Out over the years of working on the streets.
This Code of Conduct must be complied with, and Reach Out reserves the right to exclude volunteers who fail to comply with them from either joining operations, or may request individuals to remove themselves from ongoing operations as required.
Whilst each Run Leader will give a briefing at the commencement of each food distribution operation, it is important that volunteers read this and understand their commitment whilst on the streets with Reach Out.

1. If questioned by any person other than a member of Reach Out about the activities please direct such queries to the Run Leader who is authorised to respond on behalf of the organisation.

2. REFRAIN from taking photographs/video directly of the clients.

3. DO NOT use flash photography at night.

4. DO NOT give cash to the clients, regardless of the circumstances.

5. DO NOT give out your personal details (mobile number, email, etc) to our street friends.

6. Remember at all times that our clients are human beings. Please always show them respect.

7. Always approach the homeless from the front and never from behind as this sometimes startles them.

8. If a client is asleep, DO NOT wake them up to give them food. Place the food packet next to them quietly and leave.

9. ALWAYS follow and stay with the team. Listen carefully to all instructions and guidelines given by the Run Leader.

10. Please refrain from wearing any items such as gold, jewellery, expensive watches.

11. DO NOT TOUCH anything belonging to the street people or around the area where they gather or live.

12. Always conduct yourself with dignity on the street. DO NOT hug, kiss or hold hands with any other volunteer (regardless of whether they are spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend) while operational.

13. All new volunteers are encouraged to attend the briefings on a Saturday afternoon to learn more of Reach Out and register as volunteers.

14. There is a dress code on the street. Please wear long or short sleeved shirts (preferably a Reach Out official t-shirt), long trousers or long skirt, training shoes. DO NOT wear any type of provocative dress or shirts. Political or religious statements on shirts are also NOT permitted. Short skirts, shorts are NOT permitted. Sandals or open shoes must also be avoided. Comfortable clothing should be worn.

15. Groups must check in advance with Feexa Nicoll as to days and dates for volunteering as groups will be directed to days where most assistance is required. A group is defined as more than 5 volunteers.

16. For CSR programmes Reach Out require a letter to the Reach Out Committee, stating objectives, intention, numbers attending, sponsorship being brought. Reach Out will then meet with the CSR team and advise on the protocol on the streets and make final arrangements for the CSR.

17. CSR programmes DO NOT include groups of volunteers who just wish to attend street feeding operations. CSR programmes are a specific project.

18. Only official and sanctioned CSR programmes will be approved by Reach Out.

We greatly appreciate your assistance in complying with the above as we believe this will enhance the experience for all of our wonderful volunteers, and also for our street friends.

Peter Nicoll

President Reach Out
October 2011.

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