Group Volunteer Booking 2011

We give a special privilege for colleges/corporate companies who would like to volunteer in a big group (consist of minimum of 5 people and more) to register with us on the day and time preferred.
This is to ensure smooth operation on both parties as the objectives that can be derived from this experience will give a greater impact if planned properly and in advance. All groups must contact me either through my inbox (Feexa Nicoll) or email me at We will then give you a set of suggestions / rules and regulations that need to be followed.

Under no circumstances can we allow any groups to come to the streets without officially registering or informing us as this will result in the Run Leader declining your group’s participation especially if another group has booked the programme)

Below is the booking dates :

1. 15th October 2011 – (Saturday packing and 5.30 pm distribution) – The Living Classroom – under Suzannah Ismail and Alma Ahmad.
2. 22nd October 2011 – (Saturday packing and 5.30 pm distribution ) – University Selangor (UNISEL) – under Haziq and Liana
3. 29th October 2011 – (Saturday packing and 5.30 pm distribution) – KLCC Holding Bhd) under Liza Latiff

1. 25th November 2011 – Sunway University – Friday Distribution – person incharge: Nelson Lim and Avin Chong – Run Leader: Ahmad Zakir and Peter
2. 26th November 2011 – (Saturday Packing session) – TV3,UITM – Midnight run – Run Leader Peter Nicoll

1. 3rd December 2011 – (Saturday packing and 5.30pm distribution )- Oracle -Run Leader Peter
2. 5th December 2011 – Monday Distribution – TV3 – Run Leader Hasif
3. 9th December 2011 – Friday -distribution – Bank Islam – Run Leader Zakir and Peter
4. 10th December 2011- (Saturday Packing and 5.30pm Food Distribution – Shoubli’s group – Run Leader Peter
5. 10th December 2011 – Saturday Midnight run – Bank Islam – Run Leader Peter

Love and Light,
Feexa Nicoll

2 thoughts on “Group Volunteer Booking 2011

  1. Hi…… really attracted to ur programs and would like to seek some explainations on how to join,what r the related concerned programs,the objectives etc.Kindly email me for the answers.

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