Reach Out & Bank Islam

Over the last three months Reach Out have been working with Bank Islam to facilitate sponsorship and CSR programmes from this major financial institution.

We are delighted to announce that the following has been agreed at a meeting today that I and Feexa attended on behalf of Reach Out:

1. Bank Islam will conduct an initial CSR programme with us on the 9th and 10th December 2011. Bank Islam will operate with us over the two days and they will provide 500 food packs as well as clothes, biscuits, and other goodies for our street friends.

2. On the 15th of each month, commencing in December 2011, Bank Islam will provide us with clothes, dry foods, packet drinks, medicines and other items that we can distribute for our street friends. This programme will operate for an initial 12 month period.

3. Bank Islam will provide oportunities for our street friends to work with their team in such ventures as Mosque renovations, gardening projects, environmental projects. This is in line with an initiative launched by our Committee Member Zakir last week. The details and logistics have to be worked out but we hope to commence this project in January 2012. The project is an idea from our street friends who wish to show that they can contribute back to society.

4. Bank Islam will assist Reach Out by providing loans and deposit payments for our homeless friends who need such for housing. In some cases DBKL have granted housing but the street folks do not have the RM600 deposit reqiuired. Bank islam will now assist with this upon Reach Out recommendations.

5. Bank Islam will facilitate meetings between Reach Out and their internal Islamic Council in an effort to assist Reach Out with its vision for an Intervention Centre to provide the facilities to address the needs of the homeless/unemployed and get them reintegrated back into society.

We are deeply grateful to Bank islam for their commitment to Reach Out and our programmes for the eradication of poverty. With support from Bank Islam we believe that we can make a significant step forward in achieveing our aiam of the eradication of poverty.

I want to thank Feexa who has worked tirelessly in dealing with Bank Islam to make this happen.