Next Campaign!!

Salam and Greetings kind people – our last ‘5000 nasi lemak ayam’ campaign lasted on 11/11/11 has healed hunger for many of our street friends ! We used approximately 350 packs per week along with the food packs donated by JAWI (Jabatan Agama Islam Wilayah), PJ Hilton and some of our CSR program from colleges and corporate companies. Not to forget our kind sponsors, Spritzer, Giant, Rotiboys, individual who have been so kind to share what they’ve got.

As you can see, 5000 nasi lemak ayam have been exhausted over the past 4 and a half months –
We are the people’s movement for the people of Malaysia or rather we share and care for anyone who needs that little help from us. Let us get together again in joining hands to share what we have extra to people who need our help. Let us infect one another again with kindness and compassion that all of you kind people have freely given and shared.
We may not be able to do all those fancy fundraising dinner or have high ranks contacts etc or know high ranking big political man with money – but we do know the biggest of them all – Allah (God). And may he be with us in our fight for humanity. (and we have his contact numbers heee!!)



Another 1000 nasi lemak ayam!!

We started this campaign on Day 1 with 1,000 packets donated for our homeless.
With 1 day left in our campaign and with just under 1000 packets short of our target lets dig deep and finish how we started. This is for those in need. Lets make 11.11.11 a day of history for Reach Out where we as a community came together to feed those in need.

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