Reach Out Malaysia – KLCC Holdings CSR

They sponsor 200 complete food packs consist of nasi lemak, water, sweet biscuits and oranges and 50 dry food packs for night run (saturday 29/10/11) as well. They are also sponsoring transportation to pick up rotiboy:) We congratulate and also appreciate KLCC Holdings for obliging and fulfilling our terms and conditions on Group CSR. They sent their recce team earlier for both Saturday afternoon run and night run and today they are handling the whole process on their own!! (Yup we actually have a break from our saturday routine this week !! – which is not normal !) Thank you KLCC Holdings.
We are sorry that we couldnt open the program to other volunteers as the program is fully taken care of and it is not that we are turning you away but we need you more when there are less volunteers (obviously) . Do check with us from time to time on schedules and bookings.thank you very much!

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