Ramadhan schedule

Reach Out would like to wish all of our Muslim volunteers, sponsors and supporters Ramadan Mubarak. May Allah (SWT) bless your Ramadan and accept your fasts.
As the Holy Month of Ramadhan is soon to be with us we need to make some minor adjustments to our programmes.

For our 1st Run on Saturday we will now meet at 5.30pm instead of 5pm and commence food distribution at 6 to 6.15pm.

That will ensure that all of our street friends will have food ready for breaking fast.
All other runs will remain unchanged although some stops may need adjustment as we have many groups on the street distributing food. In order not to oversupply and see food wasted we will ensure areas that we know are not normally serviced by these groups will be taken care of.
Some advice has already been given to our Run Leaders on this and they will use their discretion to ensure our food continues to get to those in need.