White Ribbon Malaysia


White Ribbon is a campaign championed in Malaysia by individuals to involve men in tackling violence against women.
It is a joint initiative by a coalition of global organisations, individuals and groups of men.
White Ribbon Malaysia is part of the international White Ribbon Campaign, which is the largest effort in the world of men working to end violence against women, with campaigns in over 55 countries.

White Ribbon promotes the ending of violence against women by engaging men and boys in taking action on the issue. It of course welcomes women members.
White Ribbon does this by raising awareness, promoting discussion and providing information and resources to support personal and collective action among men.

White Ribbon Campaign aims:

• Endorse and clearly state the vital role of non-perpetrating men in challenging and stopping violence against women
• Identify, create and promote opportunities for non-perpetrating men to be involved in the campaign to Stop Violence Against Women
• Increase the capacity of men in to engage in the campaign to Stop Violence Against Women, through examination and dissemination of best practice.

What Do We Need?

Take action: White Ribbon is first and foremost a grass roots campaign, relying on the skills, experience and action of men . We need you to work with others in your community to educate and inspire other men to campaign against violence against women.
By becoming a member, pledging ,and wearing the White Ribbon you are showing your support of the aims.
Wear with pride.

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